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Sexy, Selling, Signature Topics - Grow Your Speaking Business

Sexy, Selling, Signature Topics

Sexy, Selling, Signature Topics

Ooh-La-La! Now that is a Sexy, Selling Signature Topic.

Just like a sexy person turns heads, a sexy selling signature topic gets noticed.

Sexy exudes confidence. Sexy has mastered the art of (body) language. Sexy is being giving and generous.

Sexy grabs attention – and keeps it.

Sexy keeps ‘em coming back for more.

What if you could craft a sexy, selling signature topic that is so eye-catching, it helps you stay booked all year?  What if your signature topic drops jaws and makes people say “Wow! When is this Speaker available for my event?” What if your topic was so attractive it sold you consistently? What would that do for your calendar? Your career? Your confidence? Your cash-flow?

Not sure how to get there? Keep reading for some tips:

  • Seek Clarity. Clarity in your speech preparation will make it much easier for the right title to come to you. It will naturally flow out of the work you’ve done in preparing your presentation. When you are clear in your message, you will be clear in the direction you want to go with crafting your titles.
  • Be creative. Be different. Be bold. Be booked! To catch the eyes of planners, avoid clichéd titles such as ‘Get Stress Free in 30 Days’ or ‘How to Increase Your Sales by 50%’ or ‘Creating the Perfect Team’. Do you even remember the titles you just read? Can you count the times you’ve heard them before?

A speaker name Loretta LaRoche, who specializes in stress solutions, has created a program called “Life is Short: Wear Your Party Pants”. She utilized her uniqueness and creative thinking to put this topic title together. She took a bold step to call it what she did & she’s seen terrific, sustainable and profitable, results.

  • Catch the eye of the reader immediately. Sounds obvious, right? Obvious, yes. Easy, not so fast. Departing from the ordinary, speaking directly to your target market, and delivering a clearly different approach to your message, all serve to intrigue the buyers to want to learn more & contact you for bookings.
  • Stick to it. Pulling together “just the right” words for a topic title is not easy. You’ll go over and over and over it and, when you think you nailed it, you’ll second guess yourself and go back to the drawing board! Don’t give up. With the right process, you can do it.

Go from cold leads to warm leads with this topic title process.

Still not sure how?

If you’re struggling with your signature topic titles, then I have a solution which will save you time, energy and frustration. It will help you to make better connections with your audiences and planners.

Just to say “Thanks for reading”, I have put together an extensive list of eye-catching words and action words, plus off-putting words to avoid, when you’re creating your sexy, selling signature topic titles. Grab your list here!

Happy Crafting!

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