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Where are your social media links? - Grow Your Speaking Business

Where are your social media links?

Where are your social media links

I recently visited a Speaker’s website and couldn’t find the social media links….anywhere, or so it seems after several minutes of searching. I searched in the navigation bar, the contact page, nothing. It was quite frustrating.

Come to find out her social media links were on the far bottom, by the company name, address, phone, etc. and the icons were tiny.

It is imperative for Speakers to have their social media links prominently placed on their website – on every page. Many fear that if they put them on the top or sidebar, it distracts the viewer and takes them off their site and they don’t come back.

This is not true. Your goal is to direct them to your social media sites so they will:

  1. See how you interact with your audience, as a Speaker this is important.
  2. See the content you post and know without a doubt you are the expert they seek.
  3. Connect with you so you can continue to stay in touch with them.

Don’t “hide” your social media links, rather highlight them and make them easy to find. If planners have to struggle to find them, they will more than likely leave your site for another’s. Use the golden triangle to layout your site. This is based on research, which tracks where readers and viewers eye movement shows they are looking when viewing a new page. Top left, then top right, and then bottom middle. Top left = name and tagline; top right = social media, freebie for list building, contact; bottom middle = testimonials and topics. All peppered with interesting graphics and engaging content.

One additional tip: When you add your social media icons be sure to have them open in a new page. Although you want them to visit and connect with you on your social media sites, you also want to make sure your website is still open in the background in case they want to revisit after viewing you on social media. Just set up the link to “open in a new window”.

We live in a busy world, with many distractions. You have about 3 seconds to make a connection with the busy planner. Make things as easy as possible for the hiring party to be that for you, your hiring party, and see your bookings soar.

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