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Proactive Speakers Get Booked - Grow Your Speaking Business

Proactive Speakers Get Booked

Proactive Speakers Get Booked

You worked hard to get your website looking good, you’ve created a social media presence, and even have some marketing material. That’s awesome, and the start to building a strong platform — but none of this does any good if you’re the only one who sees them.  Don’t dabble in things that keep you “busy” yet aren’t moving you forward. Spend that time seeking out event planners that are a good fit.  If you’re not getting booked, a new brochure isn’t the answer.  Pick up the phone and make some calls.

When you are at your desk, staring at a blank inbox and zero messages, I want that to be a sign for you to get up and go do something about it. Do the leg work, which means getting out from behind your desk. Seek out speaking jobs. It’s very difficult to grow if you don’t work at it.  The most successful salespeople knock on doors and shake hands.

Speaking gigs will not land in your lap; you must work for them. You own a speaking business, and just like any other business you must market yourself and go after what you want. Speaking jobs will not come to you any faster if you rely on a speaker bureau or agent. I feel many speakers put together a site, build their platform and wait for engagements to “just happen.” It doesn’t work that way. You need to get in front of your audience. You need to be everywhere, all the time.

The speaker that is being constantly proactive gets the gigs. The speakers who reach out to planners, follow up and build genuine relationships get hired more often.

Step out from your 4 walls, mingle in person at events that you would be a good fit. Attend meetings, conferences, wherever you can that will get you in front of a potential buyer. When they need a speaker, make sure you’re the first name that comes to mind because you’re everywhere.

Then follow up.  Contact them — don’t wait for them to contact you, or you may be waiting a long time. Get in front of your target audience and event planners on social media outlets, like their comments and posts, follow them, share their tweets. Get in front of them in person and get noticed. Make sure they know your name.

Proactive speakers are booked speakers!

Now get out there — and go get ‘em.

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