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Why You Need A Planner Page on Your Speaker Website - Grow Your Speaking Business

Why You Need A Planner Page on Your Speaker Website

Why You Need A Planner Page on Your Speaker Website

As someone who works directly with both speakers and planners, I understand the value and importance of the planner page. And yet, I come across so many speaker websites that don’t have one! 

With that in mind, let’s use this post to speak about the benefits of including a planner page on your speaker website, including tips on what needs to go on there. 

But first, let’s take a look at why you should include a page for planners. 

Why Include a Page for Planners on Your Speaking Website? 

First and foremost, the answer is time. Event planners are busy people. They’ve got a lot of speakers to evaluate. Therefore, it makes total sense to have everything they need collected into one concise page that saves them searching all over your website for the information they’re looking for. 

So often, having a clear and compact planner page can make the difference when it comes to securing speaking gigs. Remember, you have to make it as easy as possible for them to book you. The planner page provides everything they need in one simple click. So make sure you get working on including a planner page if you haven’t already! 

If that’s you, you might be wondering what you need to include. So let’s quickly run over the fundamentals. 

What Should You Include on the Planner Page? 

You’ll need to incorporate several elements into a high-converting planner page, with each serving their specific purpose. With that in mind, let’s work our way through them, starting with the bio. 

Speaker Bio 

It always goes without saying that an event planner is not going to book a speaker they know nothing about. Therefore, lead with a short, snappy bio to let them know who you are, demonstrate your industry experience and credentials, and include any other pertinent personal information. 

The key here is keeping it brief. Always keep in mind that planners are working to a strict time budget, and you only have around 0.05 seconds (no, seriously) before the planner will form a first impression based on your webpage. So the aim with the bio is to tell them as much about yourself as you can in as few words as possible. 

Downloadable Speaker One Sheet PDF

While the one sheet can have it’s own page or section it should be included here. Planners need to be able evaluate your suitability for their event as fast as possible, and nothing is more effective in that regard than the one sheet. 

You don’t want it to clutter the page, so simply draw attention to the link to the downloadable PDF so they can quickly add it to the records they have for you. That may prove invaluable when it comes to assessing you for another upcoming event and they have your highlights effectively on speed dial! 

Speaking Topics 

While this information will be included in your one sheet, it doesn’t hurt to quickly run planners through your key topics on your planner page. Keep this section brief. A bulletin style works best here. Give them your signature “big hitters” and if they want more information they can refer back to your one sheet. 

Your Speaking Photos and Videos 

As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words. No matter how convincing your copy is, you need to also include shots of you in action, including videos. You can reuse the video from your homepage if you wish or you can go for a new video – the choice is yours. 

Don’t forget, a vital part of the journey for planners is imagining you speaking at their event. Without media such as videos and photos, that’s an impossible task. A final tip regarding your photos on this page – smile! 

Your Client List 

Again, this is short and straight to the point. Maybe a simple bullet-pointed list will do. If you can run a linear banner across the page, then great! You get the benefit of slick website production with the added space and time-saving benefits. 

Speaking Testimonials 

Similar to your client list, perhaps pick the “biggest” names from your clients and include what they have to say about your speaking skills on this page. Always keep in mind the time it takes to read everything. I would recommend capping your testimonials at five clients to keep the page nice and succinct. 

Key Takeaways 

This section is here to answer one question and one question only – why choose you? What do you deliver that other speakers in your space don’t? How will you specifically help the planner’s audience? What can attendees of your speeches expect to take away from the experience? 

When writing this section, try to aim for short, sharp, and memorable statements. It’s your last chance to make an impression on the planner before they download your one sheet and move on to evaluating the next speaker, so give it your best shot. 

Why You Need A Planner Page on Your Speaker Website

The Planner Page is a Vital Element of All Successful Speaker Websites  

A planner page is an essential part of your website. Without one, you run the risk of the planner giving up on researching you online and moving onto the next potential candidate. It essentially speeds up the whole evaluation process, and just having one in place is a massive check in the box for many planners. 

As someone who works directly with planners, I can’t emphasize enough how vital this page is, so don’t waste any further time and get to work on creating yours today! Don’t forget to include the elements listed above and remember – SHORT AND SWEET is the key to success. Time is everything to planners, so don’t make the mistake of wasting it!    

If you want to learn more about the so-called “must-haves” of your speaker website, then make sure to join our free Facebook group – Grow Your Speaking Biz. It’s a group full of passionate and talented speakers who exchange ideas, tips, and strategies that help to convert website visitors into paying clients. 

We look forward to welcoming you there soon!