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Become a Headliner with Crazy Titles - Grow Your Speaking Business

Become a Headliner with Crazy Titles

Become a Headliner with Crazy Titles

Grab people’s attention with crazy titles that demand a double-take. 

  1. Brainstorm

Come up with 5-10 new titles for your topic.  Use hot topics in the news and wrap your title around it.

  1. Make it more Captivating

Add in numbers, the word “you” or “your”, think about how you can make it crazy.  It’s just brainstorming!  Build up a list of ideas and words that tightly encase your message, your meaning, perhaps the key story in your presentation, your A-Ha moment, a paradigm shift, or some moment of strange serendipity.

  1. Weed Out

Narrow your options, combine options, cross off the ones you don’t think you can work with, swap words, escalate, and hone the options to fit with your theme and message.

  1. One Theme to Rule Them All

When you have your one crazy title – go for it!  Make it yours!  Wrap your next presentation around it.

Title Magic

People pass judgment based on titles all the time.  Titles of movies.  Take Star Wars: A New Hope which was initially released as Star Wars.  Would it have gotten the same box office attention if it had been titled A New Hope?  Absolutely not! 

And if a now-famous cult film had been billed under the working title They Came from Denton High, would The Rocky Horror Show stage play have ever become The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Your title matters, and a nutty title can be the difference between a planner snoring their way through yet another speaker’s website and them sitting up and adjusting their glasses to make sure they’ve read your title correctly.

Become a Headliner with Crazy Titles

Extra Tips

  • Set aside your critical mind while brainstorming. Write down all ideas no matter how crazy they are.  Don’t worry about what a therapist would think.  Use a whiteboard and you can destroy the evidence later.

When your creativity is spent and you think you have some great ideas, then you can enter the elimination and consolidation process.  Combine ideas first, then start to weed out unusable ideas.  Creativity first because destruction cannot breed.

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