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Don't Wait for All the Things! - Grow Your Speaking Business

Don’t Wait for All the Things!

Don’t Wait for All the Things

Don't Wait for all the things

Wendi here, popping in to give you a bit of motivation from some chats I’ve had with some of my clients and even one of my daughters. I wanted to share this with you, because it’s not just my clients or my daughter, I even still do it today.

We get stuck.  We get stuck and we don’t move forward because we think we need “all the things” that are going to help us move forward. Tools. Resources. Apps. Marketing materials. Whatever. For the public speaker, it could be “I’m not done with my Onesheet.” “I’m not done with my video.” I need to get that editing tool so I can fix them, and then once I get that, I need to build a bit of authority, and then my website is all over the place and I have to work on it, and …

You see where I’m going? You see where you’re not going?

You think you need all the things. And you think you need all the things done before you can move forward. And you think you need all the things to help you get everything done and in place before you can move forward.

And you don’t.

You don’t move forward. And you don’t need all the things.

I just want you to keep moving forward. I want you to use whatever you have available to you today.  Just take it and go with it. Things evolve. Things grow. Every day. Every week. Every month. But if you don’t start today because you’re stuck in the mentality that you need all the things, you’re never going to go anywhere. You are going to stay stuck.

I don’t want you to stay stuck!

In my personal business growth story, you may have heard me talk about this before, but it’s so good I need to share it with you again. When my husband and I decided to start our business with my brother-in-law where they were going to contract to construct cell towers, we did not have much. We didn’t have a lot of working capital; we didn’t have all the latest tools and a big equipment truck. What we did have was the desire and drive to make it work and we also had our 4 girls to take care of. Pretty motivating!

So, we took what we had at the time in terms of tools and our old van and we got started. We went out and landed those contracts. We did the work. We took care of our family and we reinvested as we could to help our business grow and be successful.

Today, we are no longer doing this business but I wanted to share this story because we didn’t wait until we had everything we thought we needed to get out the door and on the road. If we had waited, we never would’ve have gotten started. Eventually, we all built that company into a multi-million dollar one. But we started with what we had, where we were and we got out there and made things happen.

We took what we had and we didn’t wait and we got out there and got the contracts and did the work. And we were successful for those 3 years and they led us to better opportunities and more time with our family.

The Lesson? Take what you have right here, right now and get started (or re-started) today.

Move forward. Do not wait for all the things. Because sometimes they won’t ever come. And you wait and wait. And you miss out on opportunities and a chance to make a difference in the world and in peoples lives.

I don’t want that for you. I don’t want you missing out on being on stages that you should be on. I don’t want you missing out on opportunities to be sharing your message. I don’t want you to be missing out on reaching your audience. I don’t want you letting your book idea sit on the shelf instead of seeing your book on shelves. There are people out there that need to hear what you have to say and what you have to teach them.

There are people out there that need you.

What can you do today to keep moving forward with what you have right now?

Get up and go do your thing. Don’t wait for those other things.

I believe in you. Where you are right now. With what you have right now.

Go do your thing.

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