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3 Free Ways for Public Speakers to Get Hired More - Grow Your Speaking Business

3 Free Ways for Public Speakers to Get Hired More

3 Free Ways for Public Speakers to Get Hired More

3 Free Ways for Public Speakers to Get Hired More

How can I streamline my process of finding more work?  The million-dollar question right? If you need ways to get more speaking gigs, I have compiled 3 free ways for public speakers to get hired more, 3 surefire things-to-do to help get you more bookings. These are daily tasks, not one-off accomplishments: you need to put energy into these every day, week or month in order to develop a presence.

  1. Review your website and make improvements. Do you have all the necessary ingredients a planner needs to make a hiring decision? Many speaker websites are beautiful but lack materials needed to get booked.  Bring them all together on one comprehensive page specifically for event planners, and make it well organized, easy to navigate, and easy on the eye.  Already have it all?  Make sure it’s up-to-date.  Your Planner page needs to include:
    • your presentations with a brief description and take-away’s for the participants
    • a former event/client list (or partial) to prove that you have experience and credibility
    • testimonials to show that you are an audience-pleaser and reflect well on the planner
    • short bio
    • a few images that can be used to help promote your engagement (color & black/white)
    • your speaker onesheet (PDF)
    • sample videos
    • links to any media exposure (interviews, guest articles, etc.)
    • credentials if they’re necessary in your area of expertise
  2. Develop on and improve your strong social media presence. Make sure your best-in-show social sites are easy to find on your website. Not using one as much anymore? Remove it until it’s active again. In today’s world, planners expect that you will be easy to find in the social media world. Make it easy. When I am directly working with a planner, the question I get asked most is whether so and so is on social media.  Some planners want to see your Facebook/Twitter/LI/Instagram account active for over a year and so on. They want to see your pretty face on social media. They want to see how you interact with followers and what you post. Start building and maintaining this part of your platform if its been slacking.
  3. Get in front of your audience, wherever you feel they are hanging out. Speak for free locally once in a while, network with groups (online and offline), be a guest writer for other blogs that specialize on the same and closely related topics, and be a guest on a podcast episode. How does this make you profitable? Figure they’re already reaching your audience, and how much marketing and advertising money and time you’re saving by reaching out to their already-developed audience that is interested in your topic. Getting out there in any way possible is huge and can open many doors. Get yourself out there, this will continue to help you build your speaking platform.

These are only a few of the many ways to build your speaking platform cheaply and easily so you can get found and hired. Start today, don’t forget that none of these are “one and done” steps, take them one at a time baby steps if needed, and make sure to revisit them over and over.

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