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Finding Speaking Gigs Tip #1 - Grow Your Speaking Business

Finding Speaking Gigs Tip #1

Finding Speaking Gigs Tip #1

Finding Speaking Gigs Tip #1

There is no magic bullet, pills or online course you can take that will land you speaking gigs on a regular basis.

There is NOT just one or two things you can do but many and on a regular basis.

In my attempt to help speakers get booked on a regular basis through many services, tools, and resources I am also writing blog posts to help you find speaking gigs.

My series of posts on Finding Speaking Gigs will never be in any specific order. Just read, learn, and do! There are more readers out there than doer’s and I want you to be that doer!

For this tip, I am going to assume you have found and know your target audience. If not, do your homework and then continue with this tip.

Create an exhaustive list of industries and organizations that you would like to speak at, ones you have a connection with and would be a perfect match.

Now, from your extensive list, I want you to start with just 40 so you don’t become overwhelmed.

From this list, I want you to pull out 40 associations or organizations. I want you to break them up into groups of 10 calls a week, follow up, send onesheets, emails, another call, etc. until you have exhausted that list.

Don’t be annoying but don’t give up easy either.

Determination is what gets most speakers on top, they don’t take no for an answer and they certainly don’t let it deter them from moving forward until they start getting a yes.

Use an excel or Google spreadsheet to keep excellent records of your research and contacts.

After your 40, I want you to start again with a new 40 from your list big list you made. Keep doing this over and over. You can outsource help for the research but I recommend you personally make the call, this will mean a lot more than an assistant calling for you when it’s a cold lead.

Don’t delay, do your research and start making your calls today so you can start filling your schedule. Remember to use voicemail to your advantage by pitching the benefits quickly and uniquely, using your researched “hook”, be different so you can grab their attention.

It takes practice indeed but doesn’t everything we do? Once you do it several times it will be a breeze.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain…You can do it!

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