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Optimizing the Length of your Speaker Videos - Grow Your Speaking Business

Optimizing the Length of your Speaker Videos

Optimizing the Length of your Speaker Videos

When I see video on a speaker’s website, I know they are serious about speaking. They probably get booked more often than speakers without any videos.

Planners expect to see at least one speaker video on your website, and if you are a serious speaker and want to grow your speaking business you need a video. But I also get asked, “How long should my video be?”

While opinions may vary, I feel anything over 5 minutes is too much for a portfolio or speaker video, because planners are in a hurry. They may be going through as many as 20-50 speaker websites looking for a great fit for their event. You need to highlight your best topics, your best interactions with the audience, and your optimal dazzling presence.

If you’ve captured the event planner’s attention then they will review your onesheet, look at testimonials, etc. With so much work on their plate, they may just click away from 10-20 minute videos. They won’t wait around for you to get to the point or warm up the audience.

I’ve been creating and editing speaker videos for well over a decade, and the best advice I have is to keep it short. People have very short attention spans and planners know what they’re looking for. They’re moving at lightning speed to find the right match.

Pull out your most dynamic pieces that will catch the planner’s eye. Not a shot where you looked really good on stage because your hair was just perfect, or when you smiled so cute, or told a joke you thought was funny, but rather really think on what a ‘planner’ wants to see: you really rockin’ the stage, asking questions, the audience clapping, you being real, you interacting with the audience… that’s what they want to see. Short, punchy clips, that move at a very nice pace.

A 30-minute speaker video will never get watched and will quickly bore them. They are out of time. Think of when you received a thick brochure, looked at the cover and title, and threw it in the recycling because it wasn’t even worth the time to go through it to see if there was anything you wanted from it. Clicking away without saving your link or downloading your onesheet is the ultimate in recycling your speaking materials.

I want to save you time and get you hired. Your long videos need to be clipped down to short dynamic montages with many elements in place to make it an eye-catching, sales video for you. Make them hire you on first view!

It is said that you have under 10 seconds to catch someone’s eye when they land on your website. A 10-minute video isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention in 10 seconds. And it may take more than 10 seconds to start because of a higher file size. If you grab their attention in the first 10 seconds, hopefully you can keep the planner’s attention for the 3- 5 minutes it takes to give them a good idea of what you offer. If you draw them in, they may poke around, watch another video, download your onesheet, look at your client list or read testimonials. And you might get the call for the event.

Always keep it short and sweet. The best-worse-case-scenario is that you leave them hungry for more. Respect people’s time, especially planners, and you can get booked.

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