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The Speakers’ Mailing List - Grow Your Speaking Business

The Speakers’ Mailing List

The Speakers’ Mailing List

The Speakers’ Mailing List

Have you dragged your feet getting an opt-in to grow your mailing list?

If you already have a list, this is a great opportunity to revisit it and see if you can spice it up, or add a new giveaway to entice people to your list!

Your mailing list is one of your most important assets, especially when nurtured properly.

I’ve heard speakers say they don’t need one because they just want to use their website as an online brochure. They’re leaving money and opportunities on the table!

We invest money and time in our websites. When there’s no action to be taken, or a way to follow up with visitors who are interested in you and your voice, it’s working against you in many ways.

When a planner, prospective clients or your fans come to your site it’s important to stay connected. Sometimes people aren’t ready to buy, but they are ready to hear what you have to say, stay connected and learn more.  If you have no means to help them do this, you are losing all your web visitors and possible clients that could have been yours in the near future. It’s like using a thimble to catch a waterfall of pennies — and not catching even one.

It’s surprising how many public speakers do not have an opt in on their website. After a great speaking event, with hundreds of people attending, a great response and had a good connection with the audience —what do you think happens next? A good portion of the audience is going to your website even as they sit in their seats to see how they can stay connected with you. When they can’t find your opt in box, giveaway, a place to leave their name and email — how will you will stay in touch with them?

It should be easy to see how this is money left on the table: the audience could be potential buyers of a book, a product or service — or even a person who has the power to hire you for another speaking gig. Don’t lose that opportunity because you don’t have a way to collect names and emails!

When you add an opt in box to your website, make your giveaway so enticing they can’t help but sign up for it!  Make it urgent and a great value. It has to be worth giving up their email address.  Once they are a follower, nurture them on a regular basis by sharing helpful tips, tools and resources. If you sell all the time they will leave your mailing list.

So how do you take your first step in growing that Speakers’ Mailing List?

  1. You need an email service that allows you to place an opt in box on your website. Set up a list, create the form and put it in the sidebar or header of your website.  You might even start collecting emails immediately.  com is one good service that allows you to use their mailing list service for free until you have a good list size.
  2. Next, create an offer: a giveaway that speaks specifically to your audience.
  3. You need to look into how to create an “autoresponder” or a welcome message for your list. Attach a link to your downloadable to the first email that your prospect gets after signing up to the email list.  You might upload the file to your Media or website assets, or use your Public folder in your Dropbox account and use a link to your file in the welcome message.
  4. Then go back to your website and make sure that you mention the offer prominently, near where the sign-up form is.

If you have any questions on setting this up contact me: info (at)

When you have a lively mailing list, an engaged audience, and people who hang on your every word — more opportunities will open up to you. Guaranteed!

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