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Repurpose Your Speaker Content - Grow Your Speaking Business

Repurpose Your Speaker Content

repurpose your content

As those of you who have worked with me will know, I’ve long advocated for the need for you to be everywhere, all the time.

But as a busy speaker or someone balancing their up-and-coming speaking business with other work and family commitments, that can seem like an impossible task.

Repurpose your content, this is the answer. When you repurpose your content, you can be everywhere, all the time, without actually having to BE everywhere, all the time. 

In other words, you can get more done in less time by working smarter, not harder.

So how does it work in practice?

How to Repurpose the Heck Out of Your Speaker Content (With 4 Examples)

Here are the minute marks that cover highlights in the episode: 

How Repurpose Your Content Works

(3:02) The premise is really simple: take one piece of content – a blog post, video, podcast episode, etc. – and turn it into multiple different pieces of content.

This could be anything from turning a blog post into a video or podcast episode or creating an infographic from a blog post. The options are endless, but the key is to think about how you can repurpose your content to reach as many people as possible in as many different ways as possible.

Sometimes, certain pieces are already perfectly suited for repurposing. For instance, you can easily turn a blog post into a podcast episode – all you need to do is hit record and start reading it out loud! However, other pieces will require more thought and creativity to adapt.

Here are some examples to help get you started.

Example 1: Repurpose Your Blog Posts from Your Speaker Website Into an eBook

(5:24) Let’s say you’ve consistently been producing a blog post a week for your speaker website. In that case, you already have a tremendous amount of content sitting there waiting to be tweaked and repurposed into something else.

One way to repurpose this content would be to compile and collate all these blog posts into an eBook. This is a great option if you’re looking to create something that your audience can download and read offline, or if you want to use it as an opt-in freebie to help grow your email list.

Simply go through your blog posts and pick out the best ones (you can use Google Analytics to help you determine which ones are the most popular with your audience). Once you’ve selected your blog posts, all you need to do is format them into chapters, save the file as a PDF document and voila – you have an eBook!

Example 2: Repurpose Your Speaker Demo Video into Social Media Videos

(7:25) If you’ve already recorded a speaker demo video, this is another excellent piece of content that can easily be repurposed into other segmented videos.

One way to do this would be to upload your demo video to YouTube (or other similar video sharing sites such as Vimeo) and then use the video editing tool to create shorter, bite-sized videos that you can share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

You could also use these shorter clips videos as ads on Facebook or Twitter, helping you to leverage social media into bookings even faster.

Example 3: Repurpose Your Planner Page into Your One-Sheet and Vice Versa

(9:20) Your one sheet and planner page on your speaker website will contain very similar information. From client lists to testimonials, photos of you in action, and your speaking topics, there’s a lot of common ground.

So why not kill two birds with one stone and use the content from your one sheet to create your planner page and vice versa? This is a great way to ensure that all the information on your website is up-to-date and accurate without spending hours creating two separate pieces of content.

Simply take the content from your planner page, slim it down to one page, or use the one sheet as your starting point and elaborate on the key points. It’s as simple as that!

Example 4: Repurpose an Article You Wrote for a Publication Into a Blog Post

(11:03) Suppose you’ve been lucky enough to have had an article published in a popular publication or landed a guest post in a prominent location. In that case, this is another great opportunity to repurpose your content.

The key here is to make sure that you have permission from the publication to republish your article on your website or blog. Once you have that, simply upload the article to your website (making sure to attribute it to the original source), and share it on social media.

It’s worth distinguishing the blog post from the original publication by adding in your own thoughts, experiences, and analysis. This is a great way to add value to your readers and drive traffic back to your website.


Wrap Up: Repurposing Content Helps You to Work Smarter, Not Harder

(12:15) So there you have it, four ways you can start to repurpose your content today.

Remember, the goal is to work smarter, not harder. When you repurpose your content, you can save yourself a ton of time and energy while still delivering high-quality, valuable content to your audience. It’s also critical in your mission to be everywhere, all of the time.

If you want to find more examples of how you can repurpose your content, why not join our private Facebook Group – Breakthrough Public Speakers? It’s full of helpful tips, advice, and resources from fellow speakers who are all working to build their businesses.

You can also view our tools section here, which contains video training and other valuable resources I’ve created to help you get started on your speaker journey.

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I hope you enjoyed this training episode. 

Every week I release a new podcast to help you launch and grow your speaking business.

Keep Inspiring! – Wendi xo

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